If you’ve installed the UserWay widget on your site, you might be interested to learn that there are many ways to customize it. From the way the widget looks to the menu options you provide, you can tailor your widget to flow seamlessly with your site. Here are a few modifications to consider.

Change the Widget’s Color

You can match the widget to your website’s color scheme by adjusting the colors, and even use a color gradient. Watch this tutorial to learn how.

Download video transcription (PDF 427kb)

Change the Widget’s Icon

Right now, you can choose from four different icon types to alert users to the presence of the widget. Watch this tutorial to see your options and learn how to change the icon.

Download video transcription (PDF 219kb)

Change the Widget’s Size

If you want to adjust the size of your widget to fit the design of your site, that is an option as well. Watch this tutorial to learn how to make the button larger or smaller.

Download video transcription (PDF 423kb)

Remove the UserWay Branding

You can white label the widget easily so that the UserWay branding does not appear. Please note that this is a paid upgrade. Watch this tutorial to learn how to remove the UserWay branding.

Download video transcription (PDF 67kb)

Add Your Own Branding

Personalize your widget by adding your company’s logo at the bottom of the menu. This is a paid upgrade. Watch this tutorial to learn how to add your company’s logo to the widget.

Download video transcription (PDF 263kb)

Modify the Widget’s Menu

If you know that certain features are more popular with your site’s visitors, you can modify the menu so they appear first. You can also hide options that aren’t useful. You can learn which menu options your visitors use most by enabling Usage Statistics. This is a paid upgrade. Watch this tutorial to learn how to modify the widget menu.

Download video transcription (PDF 236kb)

Are there customization options we don’t offer that you’d be interested in using? Let us know in the comments below!