Video Remediation

Ensure your videos are accessible and fully compliant with ADA regulations.

Are the videos on your website ADA compliant? Posting inaccessible video content means your message will likely not reach a significant portion of your intended audience. It might also leave you open to legal consequences.

Protect your business while making sure everyone who visits your site can access every piece of content, no matter what form it takes.

UserWay's experts can fix any inaccessible video content that exists on your site to ensure your videos are ADA compliant and barrier-free.

UserWay provides the following video remediation services:

If you are uncertain what remediations your videos require, please reach out to us, and we will gladly assist you.


UserWay will translate your video content into the language of your choice based on the text script you provide.


UserWay will watch your videos and create a transcription document that explains the action on the screen in text form.


UserWay will create clear and accurate English captions for your videos.

Audio Descriptions

UserWay will create audio descriptions that verbally communicate the action in your videos.