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BigCommerce Website Accessibility Plugin Installation Guide

Your BigCommerce website should be accessible to anyone who wants to purchase from your e-store. This installation guide will help you install UserWay’s BigCommerce accessibility widget onto your website. 

Step 1: Register your BigCommerce website with UserWay

To register your BigCommerce website with UserWay, go ahead and select the blue “Start Free Trial” button at the top right of the page. Complete the registration steps until you get your unique code snippet. 

You can copy your unique code snippet to your clipboard or save it as a text file. If you misplace your unique code, you can find it in your welcome email which also includes your login credentials, or in your UserWay dashboard. Simply go to your dashboard and select “My Embed Script” on the right side of the top menu. Your embed script is your unique code, and can also be copied from here. 

If you have already registered a website with UserWay: Login to your UserWay dashboard, and add your new website to your list. This will use the same unique code snippet as your previous website registrations. 

Step 2: Insert your unique code into your BigCommerce website code

In your BigCommerce dashboard, go to the left navigation menu and click on “Storefront.” A submenu will open from here. Scroll down the menu to select “Script Manager,” and a new page will open. 

On the Script Manager page, click the blue button on the right side of the page called “Create a Script,” and a new page will open.

1 - Go to storefront - script manager - create script

In the text field titled “Name of script,” type “UserWay” and select the “Footer” option for the “Location on page.” 

Next, under the heading “Select pages where script will be added,” select “All pages.”

For the heading called “Script category,” select the “Essential” option, and for “Script Type,” select “Script.” A text field will open below, where you will paste your unique code snippet.

See example below:

Before: With Added Code:

<script>(function(d){var s = d.createElement(“script”);s.setAttribute(“data-account”, “accountname”);s.setAttribute(“src”, “”);(d.body || d.head).appendChild(s);})(document)</script><noscript>Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of <a href=””>website accessibility</a></noscript>

After: Extra Code Deleted

<script>(function(d){var s = d.createElement(“script”);s.setAttribute(“data-account”, “accountname”);s.setAttribute(“src”, “”);(d.body || d.head).appendChild(s);})(document)</script

2 - Customize script - paste code and save

 You’ve now installed your BigCommerce plugin! Don’t forget to publish your website, and look around to ensure your widget is installed correctly. 

Step 3: Customize your BigCommerce accessibility widget

You can customize your widget’s location, icon, and color directly through the widget or on your UserWay dashboard. All your customization options are available in both places. 

Step 4: Consider upgrading to the UserWay PrOWidget

Depending on the needs of your BigCommerce website, you may want to consider upgrading to UserWay’s Pro Widget. This will allow for more customization and more robust accessibility options. 



BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides software as a service for retailers of all sizes. This includes services like online store creation, hosting, and marketing.

This accessibility widget powered by UserWay will not impact how fast your website loads. This widget loads after the website does so that it won’t affect webpage speed.

You can sign up for a free trial of UserWay’s widget. Keep in mind that we also offer paid upgrades for more robust accessibility options.

Ready to Make Your BigCommerce Website Accessible?