Meet UserWay’s Leadership Team

UserWay is led by a world class team with decades of experience with complex accessibility protocols, delivery of large scale systems and innovation that pushes the envelope. We are lucky to have some of the world's leading engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are defining the future of digital accessibility for us all. Meet our team below.

Photo of Allon Mason
Allon Mason
Allon is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about building people-focused solutions. As UserWay’s founder and CEO, he is dedicated to making the internet a more accessible and inclusive place for everyone through the application of AI-based technologies.
Photo of Leonid Muzyka
Leonid Muzyka
Leo is a veteran in the industry who takes a human approach to technology. As UserWay’s CTO, he focuses on creating high-performance SaaS solutions that eliminate accessibility challenges, allowing millions of people to have a barrier-free experience online.
Photo of Lionel Wolberger
Lionel Wolberger
Lionel has spent his career understanding the nuanced role that technology plays in global advancement. As UserWay’s COO, he connects our suite of AI-powered accessibility solutions with enterprises, governments, and agencies. Lionel is also a member of the W3C standards body where he advocates for the disability community.
Photo of Jeff Kline
Jeff Kline
Jeff wrote the book on “Strategic IT Accessibility: Enabling the Organization.” based on his accessibility work in R&D at IBM, at Texas Department of Information Resources, and the USA Federal level. He has authored over 20 patents and contributes to the W3C.
Photo of Janina Sajka
Janina Sajka
Janina is Co-chair of the W3C Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) working group, and a Linux Foundation Fellow.
Photo of Raghavendra Satish Peri
Raghavendra Satish Peri
Director of Accessibility
Raghavendra has over a decade of experience leading accessibility first at IBM, then Deque, and for thousands of followers of his leading blog Digitala11y.

Driven by Our Team’s Desire for Excellence