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What’s an Accessibility Audit Report?

UserWay’s accessibility audit reports provide your team with clear and actionable checklists to improve the accessibility compliance of your website and ensure adherence to ADA & Section 508 regulations based on WCAG 2.1 level AA and AAA success criteria.

The audit report includes detailed references, as well as recommended content, structural and code changes that will help guide your team through the process of ensuring strict compliance with the latest WCAG requirements.

Empower your team and protect your business with a comprehensive UserWay audit report today.

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How Will an Audit Help My Business?

An accessibility audit helps your business in two ways:

  1. Provides you with clear and actionable checklists of each and every accessibility violation on your site, and how exactly it should be fixed.
  2. Demonstrates goodwill and a real effort towards achieving compliance with accessibility guidelines. This is an important show of good faith that contributes to the protective legal framework necessary in today’s business environment, and often required as a first step in a lawsuit or settlement.

The UserWay audit report meets the strict standards enforced by government and regulatory bodies in the US and internationally.

Air-tight accessibility and legal compliance are within your reach. Start today.

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That Best Suits Your Site

Audit yourStandard WebsiteFor WCAG Compliance

  • Up to 10 pages
  • 1-2 forms
  • Dynamic elements
Audit report will be ready in
14 business days

Audit yourLarge WebsiteFor WCAG Compliance

  • Up to 30 pages
  • 3-5 forms
  • Rich media
  • Complex navigation
Audit report will be ready in
21 business days

Audit yourEcommerce SiteFor WCAG Compliance

  • Up to 50 pages
  • Logins/paywall
  • Complex forms
  • Dynamic templates
  • Search & filter results
  • Restricted access
Audit report will be ready in
30 business days

Audit yourEnterprise AppFor WCAG Compliance

Custom Pricing
  • Unlimited pages
  • Logins/paywall
  • Complex forms
  • Dynamic templates
  • Search & facets
  • Restricted access
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