Introducing Voice Navigation

A Fully Accessible, Customizable Experience for All Website Users

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

A website visitor can simply say ‘show numbers’ to have UserWay’s Voice Navigation feature assign
a number to each interactive element on a page. All page elements can be activated
by simply saying the right number.

Voice-Only Navigation

Voice Navigation from UserWay makes it possible to scroll, activate links, play videos, fill out forms and enjoy all the other features of a website using only the user’s voice.

Not all people can easily use a keyboard and mouse, including situational disabilities like a broken arm or hand. Voice Navigation allows everyone to surf the web without compromise. The Voice Navigation AI even recognizes emails, numbers, and addresses and improves the experience for site visitors.

Talk to an Accessibility Expert

Seamless Voice Navigation For Any Website

Customized for each individual user on your site based on their unique accessibility needs.

Create Smart
Links for Rapid Navigation

The quickest way to navigate a site’s most popular content with voice commands only. Similar to the way text-based links have an underline, Smart Links are shortcut voice commands created by the site owner.

Try Voice Navigation Now

See what it’s like to browse a site using only your voice.