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UserWay’s Accessibility Widget Installation Guide for Umbraco

Step 1: Sign Up

You can sign up with Google or fill in your work email and website URL. The following step will appear on your screen by clicking on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 2: Choose the Plan

What works best for you? You can customize your free light widget. We call this user-triggered enhancement. You can also choose our robust AI-powered accessibility widget, the path to full ADA and WCAG compliance for your site, starting at $49/month. With the full widget, you’ll fill in your payment details and click on the green button to “Pay Securely”.

If you choose full ADA and WCAG compliant package, enter your payment details. Then click on ‘Next’ to step number three. 

Step 3: Get the Script

This little code snippet can easily be dropped into the back-end code on your site. We also call this code a script. You’ll see a small block of text that starts with angle brackets and the word “script”. The end of the script has the word “noscript” in angle brackets. We’ve also just emailed this script to you. If you want to skip mentioned steps you can access the UserWay widget. Now you can click on ‘Copy.’ Go to Umbraco and install the widget.  But first, configure the UserWay widget by clicking on ‘Configure.’

Step 4: Access the Widget

In Umbraco’s back-office go to Settings and search for “Templates”. Open it by clicking the “triangle” on the left and clicking on “Master.” Scroll all the way down and find the “body closing tag” paste the code right on top of this body closing tag and click “Save.” Preview the site and go back to content and click on the “Preview” button.

If you can see the widget on your site that means that you have installed it correctly. Also, there’s another way to verify the installation. Go back to and click on this button to verify again that the installation has been done correctly, or you just can skip it and get your accessibility statement.

Ready to Make Your Umbraco Website Accessible?