Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Privacy Shield Framework

What is a VPAT?

VPATs are self-assessment reports that detail the current accessibility status of your company’s services. These reports are created by conducting a voluntary self-assessment in which we help you identify and disclose any accessibility gaps that exist as measured by Section 508 and Federal requirements for digital accessibility.

VPATs performed by UserWay on your behalf will always accurately reflect your system’s current status. The report will include strengths, possible deficiencies, and current remediation-efforts. Our goal for every VPAT is to ensure that your relationship with the customer is based on trust, accuracy, and transparency.

An Essential Part of Your Accessibility Audit

Prior to completing your VPAT, UserWay will first perform a detailed Accessibility Audit to assess the current state of your systems. If you have already ordered an Accessibility Audit from us, please contact us to add a custom VPAT to your order.

Establish Client-Vendor Trust

Providing a transparent and accurate reflection of your system’s current state of accessibility helps establish trust between you and your customers and shows them you respect current accessibility laws. Please contact our team of experts to begin the process of developing your VPAT disclosure report.