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The 3 Key Steps to PrestaShop Accessibility

Accessibility websites are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital landscape. One way to help achieve this is by installing an accessibility widget, which will ensure you remove barriers and increase your chances of getting your content across to various users. UserWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Solution is a great place to start. Follow this guide to learn how you can install UserWay’s PrestaShop accessibility plugin.

Step 1: Register Your PrestaShop with UserWay

First, you will register your PrestaShop website.  Click on the “Start Free Trial” button on the top right of the UserWay homepage. Follow all the registration steps, and you’ll be able to copy the code to your clipboard or save it as a text file.

The code you need to get started with UserWay, can be found in the welcome email you received after registering your website. 

If you have registered a website with UserWay previously, there’s no need to re-register. You can Include the new website in your list, and utilize the same unique code.

Now, check your welcome email or login to your UserWay dashboard to find your code, and click on “My Embed Script” in the top right menu. You can locate your unique code, which can be copied and pasted into your website to obtain your PrestaShop plugin. 

If you experience difficulty logging into your UserWay dashboard, your login information can be located in the welcome email you received.

Step 2: Installing the PrestaShop Plugin

To install the UserWay accessibility widget, you will need a third-party module. You can use any module, but these steps are based on a free module named “HTML Box.” To pick up modules, navigate to the left sidebar and click “Modules,” followed by “Modules Catalog.”

Before installing the UserWay widget, ensure you have uploaded your “HTML Box” module or the module of your choice.

Next, scroll down on the PrestaShop back office, and on the left-side menu, click “Modules” and the “Module Manager.” You will be prompted to a page where you’ll see a search bar below the initial tab navigation. Type “HTML box” in the search bar, click “Enter,” or click on the magnifying glass.

The above step applies to the module we’re demonstrating. Depending on your installed modules, you may need to scroll down a little to get to your module.

Under “Design & Navigation,” you’ll see your module. Go to the rectangular module area, and on the right-hand side, click “Configure.”

1 - Go to module manager-search-configure

On the resulting page, scroll down past the big banner ad. You’ll see a settings area under the “Appearance of Module” title. Change the “Where do you want to display content box?” dropdown. Choose the “Footer” option.

Next, scroll down until you see the text editor field. Click on the “Source Code” icon on the left. A window will open. Paste the code there and click on the “OK” button. Click the “Save” button below, on the bottom right.

2 - paste code

You’ll notice a JavaScript usage notification reminding you to “Disable HTML Purifier.” If you have not, do so at this time.

Go to the left navigation menu. Scroll down to the bottom, click “Shop Parameters,” and select “General.”

In the resulting page, move to the right area, scroll down, and search for “Use HTMLPurifier Library.” It is the fifth option from the top. Click on the toggle button to disable it. Scroll down and click on the “Save” button at the bottom right.

3 - disable html purifier

Step 3: Preview, Publish, and Customize Your PrestaShop Accessibility Widget

If you’d like to customize your PrestaShop accessibility widget options, you can sign in directly through your widget, or go to and check your dashboard there. You will find all your widget customization options in either place.

Remember to click “Save Settings” before leaving the icon customization area.

Alternatively, if you want to enhance your PrestaShop accessibility with accessibility features, consider the UserWay Pro Widget.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PrestaShop is an open-source e-Commerce platform that allows users to create a fully customizable website. It offers a wide range of features and tools for creating, managing, and growing an online business, such as product management, order management, and more.

PrestaShop modules are plugins, extensions, or widgets that can be added to an online store. They are created on the CMS PrestaShop platform. PrestaShop modules allow users to add extra features to their online store which would otherwise not be found in their default PrestaShop.

Yes. PrestaShop is known to be one of the most user-friendly e-Commerce platforms. It’s considered easy to set up and customize and offers a wide range of features and tools that allow users to easily manage their online store.

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