Maybelline Makeup Empowers Women with Accessible Beauty & Innovation

Maybelline Makeup Empowers Women with Accessible Beauty & Innovation

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, especially when life tests self-worth. Approximately 12 million American women struggle with depression annually, with 1 in every 8 developing clinical depression in their lifetime. Depression and anxiety affect confidence, with symptoms like shaking hands, heart palpitations, sweating attacks, and can be physically and mentally debilitating. Maybelline Makeup’s Brave Together resources and accessible virtual Try-It-On tool support the beauty of women with depression and anxiety and various disabilities.

How Does The Maybelline Website Support Beauty for Women With Disabilities & Mental Illness?

The World Health Organization shares that women with disabilities can become victims of domestic violence and abuse nearly 2 to 4 times more than the average woman. Imagine being disabled and abused. Add depression and anxiety to the scenario, and it can be paralyzing. Maybelline Cosmetics empowers women with tips for self-care, outreach lines, and organizations to help cope and recover from depression and anxiety with their Brave Together resource center.

Providing everything from accessible and inclusive reading materials, to step by step guidance for make-up application, creating personalized structure and schedules for daily functioning, along with contact information for nonprofits that offer outreach, women know they are not alone. Women can call hotlines for depression and anxiety or chat online, identify with others through digital storytelling and personal experiences shared, driving beauty without barriers.

Maybelline Makeup’s Brave Together celebrates DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) as resources include:

  • Guidance and insights to help women identify signs and symptoms of depression or anxiety, from literal step step simulation of conversations, to listing the various steps women can take to beautify their appearance and enhance their look to drive mental and emotional rehabilitation.
  • Helpful tips for how to speak to someone with or about depression and anxiety, from careful selection of language and the approach, to how to listen and help someone find the resources required, with outreach made possible in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
  • Assets and learning tools that allow individuals to identify with others and the various forms of depression, symptoms, and signs that they are in need of help.
  • Inspiring real-life success stories and support groups founded by women who identified the need to help women with depression and anxiety.
  • A digitally accessible and confidential text-line for support with trained crisis counselors to ensure a safe experience for any who reaches out and shares their personal stories. 

Best-of Breed-Technology on Maybelline Website Drives Beauty Without Barriers

If one in every six women has a disability, and 1 in 8 struggle with depression or anxiety, applying make-up might be a challenging endeavor, let alone finding the right look. Women with physical or motor impairments and mental illness can experience challenges getting dressed. Trying on makeup and new looks can be a luxury. Maybelline Cosmetics bridges the gap with their virtual Try-It-On tool, driving next-level UX and engagement with a user-friendly, accessible makeup application simulation of a range of looks.

With eCommerce thriving, giving women with physical disabilities and mental illness a chance to discover the beauty look that’s right for them online, increases sales with inclusive and accessible technologies. With advocacy for inclusion, the makeup brand restores the self-worth of women worldwide. Accessible products for purchase ensures Maybelline’s makeup line-up is easy to try on, helping women find their best look, anywhere, any time with concrete steps for self-care and healing.

The simple navigation and ease of accessibility with the virtual try-on solution allows women to experience various looks enhancing beauty and boosting confidence. 

A walk-through of your accessible & engaging personal makeover includes:

1. Getting started by going to the Maybelline Cosmetics virtual Try-It-On tool here.

2. With zero log in required, online users only need to enable camera permission for a live and interactive experience. A pop-up window will allow users to upload a photo or use the engaging and innovative integration of a live camera to try on different looks. Click, choose the option you want, and;

3. Find the look that’s right for you. Click through everything from bold graphic looks, to romantic and 90s makeup, to nude full face beautification. 

4. Get all of the accessible products you try on, with the leading beauty brand listing every item that enhances your natural beauty, making a simple “ad to cart” experience and online purchase even easier.

Discover how Maybelline is leading the way in promoting accessibility for all.

Maybelline Cosmetics: Inclusive & Innovative UX Make Make-up Accessible to All Women

In 2016, Maybelline took teaching makeup application to a whole new level of innovation. They created an online teaching platform to guide women of all diverse backgrounds to apply makeup with accuracy and care, personalizing the experience to include women with any and every impairment or physical disability. That audio make-up project led to major headways. Women were inspired to learn and apply makeup regardless of physical boundaries. 

Their innovative virtual try-on tool and Brave Together resources aside, the Maybelline website has also taken strategic steps to ensure a frictionless, engaging, and accessible online experience for any woman. Sources indicate that 97.4% of some of the best-known websites lack 360-degree accessibility, with just over 85% of home pages in need of basic text contrast to meet WCAG 2 AA standards. 

A 2022 study indicates a 143% year-over-year increase of multiple web accessibility lawsuits, predicting 200% increase in 2023. With the development of inclusive UX, Maybelline’s website drives accessibility using contrasting fonts and sizes, alt text for images, video and interactive digital engagement tools, and a visually rich and diverse design. The makeup industry leader’s accessibility statement clearly addresses their efforts for inclusive online user experiences.

UserWay: Optimizing UX and Compliance of Any Makeup & Cosmetics Website

Makeup and beautifying any female should be an exciting, positive and inclusive experience for any woman online, including those with mental illness or physical disabilities. UserWay’s AI-powered widget ensures recognized cosmetic brands address ADA compliance guidelines with care, from visuals and video engagement, to virtual interactivity, and font sizes and contrast. Our solution scans and helps remediate required fixes to ensure every aspect of a woman’s journey on a makeup website is positive, accessible, and complies with regulatory requirements. 

Answers to Some FAQs

How does Maybelline Cosmetics advocate for beauty without boundaries with accessibility?

With its innovative virtual Try-It-On tool and the Brave Together resources for women with depression and anxiety, Maybelline provides an engaging and inclusive beauty enhancement experience to women of diverse backgrounds. 

What resources advocate for DEI are available to women with depression & anxiety on the Maybelline website?

Resources range from self-care tips and makeup application techniques, to outreach organizations, helplines, and digital counseling for women, blended with a simulator to try on makeup looks and purchase accessible products online.

How does Maybelline cosmetics create an inclusive online user experience for women worldwide?

With unique innovation and technologies creating an engaging, interactive and visually exciting user experience, the Maybelline website advocates for inclusion of all online browsers with accessibility techniques like contrasting and size range of font, alt text, and ease of navigation.

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