Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. On this day we think about the importance of an accessible and inclusive internet for everyone.

I’m Allon Mason, founder, and CEO of UserWay, and I’d like to share some thoughts on this important day:

Just think for a moment about a motor impaired woman scheduling a virtual doctor’s appointment and not being able to interact with her physician because the platform is inaccessible. Or about a young blind man trying to pay his utility bill but not being able to because of an inaccessible button on his bank’s website.

Being aware of accessibility means being aware of the people, specifically, your users, who require accessibility. People who rely on the web for household shopping, addressing healthcare needs, attending school online, connecting with loved ones, and more.

UserWay’s Vision: A More Inclusive Internet

Our team at UserWay has been working for years on creating innovative accessibility technologies that push the envelope of what’s possible with AI, machine learning, and computer vision. Specifically, AI, together with intelligent automated remediation, can give you more value than an entire team of developers.

Our goal is to ensure that more websites every day, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and governmental organizations, achieve accessibility and compliance for all users regardless of their ability or disability.

With workplaces, schools and stores have shut their doors due to the pandemic websites and online services have become a lifeline for many. And that’s when inaccessible websites became even more evident and causing more concerns than ever before as the stakes got even higher.

Users who are blind, visually impaired and motor-impaired, have the same access to transportation and infrastructure. So why not the internet? Access to the internet and online services is just as critical. Luckily, we’re seeing increased awareness with more organizations focused on fixing and remediating their sites to meet ADA requirements for compliance.

We encourage website owners, developers, content managers, and your organization’s leadership to prioritize the discussion of accessibility and compliance as a key organizational goal or KPI.

The COVID-19 crisis will leave a major imprint on how we move forward and the awareness gained from this past year can help in managing digital accessibility in the future. With UseWay, we’re well on our way with over 1 million websites already trusting our innovative accessibility solutions.

But we all have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure hundreds of millions of additional websites become accessible and ADA compliant.

We believe that in the future, it won’t be necessary to have a special day that calls attention to accessibility as we close the gap to a fully accessible, compliant, and inclusive internet for everyone.