Webinar: How Digital Accessibility Benefits Businesses and Customer

Webinar: How Digital Accessibility Benefits Businesses and Customer

In an increasingly digital world, ensuring online accessibility is becoming increasingly important. The web should be accessible for everyone to ensure equal access and opportunity to information, services, and interaction with others in the online world, and can be done so through the use of technology.

It is also simply best practice to have accessibility form a core pillar of web design. Features that ensure accessibility, such as alt text for images, can bump a webpage up in search engine results. Accessible design is beneficial in all aspects of online business, from user experience to online promotion.

Compliance with the Americans with Disability Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provides a  website with protection from accessibility-related litigation. This safety from such a large financial risk can be a massive relief for both large and small companies.

This is why you won’t want to miss UserWay’s newest webinar, “Insider’s Perspective: UserWay Partners Share How Digital Accessibility Benefits Their Businesses, Customers, and End Users.” Panelists provided valuable insights into how implementing UserWay into their product has added function and peace of mind to them and their clients.

Meet the Experts

The panel featured figures from different sectors, including:

  • Denise Osborne, the Director of Social Media at CMS Max
  • Courtney Gould Miller, the Chief Marketing Officer at Tribute Technology; and
  • Joe Dormer, the Vice President of Sales at ShortPoint

Webinar Structure

The webinar was structured as a fireside chat and was guided by the following four essential questions:

  • What is digital accessibility, and why is it so important today?
  • How does accessibility improve business outcomes for partners and clients?
  • How does digital accessibility improve user experiences?
  • What happens when organizations get digital accessibility wrong?

The webinar panelists answered these overarching questions by offering their opinions and experiences of their partnerships with UserWay. They explained how the tool has become integral to their businesses and emphasized the importance of providing web accessibility solutions.

Denise Osborne spoke about how barriers to print, audio, and visual media are best addressed through technology. She also highlighted how fear of web-accessibility litigation brought clients to her business because of UserWay’s services. The clients, she explained, received a letter threatening legal action against them because of their lack of web accessibility. She said they ultimately chose CMS Max because of the accessibility solution they offer with UserWay.

Courtney Gould Miller also highlighted the importance of Tribute Technology’s partnership with UserWay, as the company supports over 9,000 funeral homes, crematoriums, and more, whose clients would greatly benefit from better accessibility options such as larger text. She said this became a more urgent matter as funeral homes began receiving legal letters about their websites. This prompted the company to find a solution to support them, which led them to UserWay. Tribute Technology’s partnership with UserWay helped provide them with a better way to allow businesses and families access funeral information through its website and prevent litigation

Finally, Joe Dormer explained how Short Point’s partnership with UserWay has helped its clients create intranets that users can easily navigate. He highlighted the importance of accessibility in intranets especially, as this platform is designed for users to find information and documents. This could be made extremely difficult, if not impossible, if records are not accessible, and leads to lost productivity. Dormer also explained that focusing on accessibility also shows current and potential clients that Short Point is willing to listen to client concerns and grow and adapt with them.

For all three speakers, UserWay’s platform has provided unique and specific benefits to their companies and clients, despite them being from different sectors. This webinar highlighted the many ways that accessibility solutions can have a positive impact on everyone.

Don’t Miss Out On These Powerful Insights

If you’re thinking of implementing UserWay into your company’s website, this webinar is one you won’t want to miss! Check it out here.

Start your free trial of UserWay’s accessibility solutions today, and ensure your website is fully accessible for everyone.


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