Traditionally, business cards have been the go-to solution for networking, engaging prospects, and contacting clients. But we now live in a digital world, leaving physical limitations in its wake. Printed business cards are easy to lose, largely inaccessible online, and ostracize different user groups, including people with disabilities. QR codes for business cards are the ultimate, modern solution.

Printed business cards have numerous limitations, as this next section explains. 

Common Issues with Printed Business Cards

Did you know people trash nearly 80% of business cards within a week of receiving them? Poor design is among the main reasons because it compromises that crucial first impression, which can undermine making quick, professional connections in various business circles.

Overlooked items include:

  • Poor font style and size
  • Formatting issues
  • Too much content
  • Text color contrast issues

For those people with blindness or who have low vision, these problems render a business card useless. Business cards can also be inherently difficult for people with specific motor impairments, cognitive disabilities, and a lack of digital device skills. These scenarios make transcribing the physical business card information onto a computer or cellular device cumbersome.

By contrast, QR business cards offer many advantages in lockstep with the modern business world. 

The Benefits of a Digital Business Card With a QR Code

Business cards help you network and grow your contact list. Add a QR code to your business card, and you can do this and more. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Simplify & Expand Networking: Clients and prospects can input your contact info into their mobile devices without typing. 

2. Grow Your Social Media Following: QR Codes link to your social media outlets, helping you attract, retain, and inform more followers.  

3. All Your Work Samples in One Place: Dynamic URL QR codes let your business card link directly to user cases, blogs, and current business projects—an excellent freelancer feature. 

4. Keep Customers Informed: Adding a Business Page QR Code provides immediate contact info, including hours, physical location, and social media accounts. 

QR Business Cards and Accessibility

For people with disabilities, touchless solutions through a digital business card QR code means bypassing common barriers altogether. QR codes solve perceptibility issues with the use of phone cameras. They also streamline navigation by automatically opening web pages and performing tasks without entering complex passwords or links.

Anyone can create and use a QR code, and many people with blindness use pre-printed QRs to tag items like physical documents, clothing, and food products. In addition, augmented reality assistive tools like Google Goggles can alert blind or low-vision users when a code is nearby and allow them to scan it. These tools, along with AI-powered accessibility solutions, simplify the digital experience for people of all abilities. 

Because of the versatility of QR codes and how they make content access easy, they’re quickly becoming staple features for business cards. In addition, their touchless capability means anyone with your business card can easily navigate your website.

The codes are so dynamic they provide non-internet download prompts for your vCard so anyone anywhere can instantly add your name and information to their cell phone. It also means your business card’s fate isn’t trash. Instead, your data gets saved in one scan.

Thanks to technology, printed materials have become more digitally accessible. For example, Google and Apple smartphones have native software features that can scan and dictate text. This technology means people with blindness can simply check a traditional business card and gain information access.

Quick-response (QR) codes bridge touchless access between the physical and digital worlds. Because business cards with scan codes use dots and spaces, they can transmit information online. For example, scanning QR codes can open a webpage, display text, connect someone to a network, and compose emails. QR codes also provide direct access to special promotions and news stories in commercials and broadcasts.

Ready to go digital? Follow the steps below to modernize your business cards!

How to Make a QR Code for a Business Card

  • Visit the QR Code Generator
  • Choose the QR Code you want on your card. 
  • Input your desired details.  
  • Generate QR Code.
  • Customize your QR Code’s design with a frame or “Scan Me” logo.
  • Choose a color scheme that aligns with your brand
  • Hit ‘Download’ to receive a JPEG of your QR Code


Historically, printed business cards have been significant assets for quick, on-the-spot, in-person networking. But their limitations often outweigh their advantages in the digital age. For example, they’re difficult or impossible to read for people with low vision or blindness, especially poorly formatted and designed cards. Copying business card information into digital format is also challenging for those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Digital business cards with QR codes solve most of these shortfalls and directly connect print to digital with few manual requirements. In addition, when your business cards are easy to use and secure, contacts can find your information in their repositories, and your networking becomes more fruitful. Most importantly, virtual business cards with QR codes are accessible and usable for people with disabilities. 

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Answers to Common FAQs

How Does a QR Code Work?

QR codes are machine-scannable images that work like barcodes so that Smartphone cameras can read them with one click. 

Why Should I Have a QR Code on My Business Card?

Because they simplify and expand your networking efforts. The digital approach also broadens your audience to include people with disabilities, who comprise the world’s most substantial minority group numerically.  

What Should Link to My Business Card QR Code?

QR codes give your customers instant access to your contact information and whatever else you decide. It depends on your strategy and agreed-upon purpose for the card. Who’s your target audience? What do you want them to know about your brand?