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UserWay is the world’s leading automated solution for making websites ADA compliant, which allows anyone with hearing, vision and physical impairments to surf the web without problems. Become a Reseller to spread the joy and boost your earnings. Doing good really does pay well.

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As a UserWay reseller, you decide what the price should be when you sell our products to your clients. Your margin is always easy to calculate because it's just the difference between your markup price and the discounted price...

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UserWay is already trusted by more than 1.1 million websites, with no signs of its rapid expansion slowing down. With your help, there’s nothing stopping us from doubling or even tripling these numbers in a short time.

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Our account discounts start from 20% for each client you onboard. But the more websites you sell the widget to, the higher the discount goes. We encourage our resellers to sell our solutions to as many sites as they...

About UserWay’s AI-Powered Widget

Trusted by more than 1.4 million websites and ranked as the #1 accessibility plugin on WordPress, UserWay’s advanced AI-powered technology ensures compliance for sites of any size, from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to nonprofits.

Once the widget is installed, websites are instantly on their way to WCAG & ADA compliance while visitors gain a more accessible user experience and access to contrast tools, screen reading abilities and many more

Frequently Asked Questions

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The UserWay Reseller Program allows Agencies to resell our products to their clients. UserWay provides you with marketing materials such as screenshots, banners, videos and ready-to-use promotional content that you can post on your website, blog, newsletter or social network. Then, when your client makes a purchase, you make a profit.
Click this registration link to complete our form. UserWay's reseller team will review your application and respond within 48 hours about your eligibility.
Nope. It’s 100% free to become an reseller!
Here are a few ideas:
- Create an Accessibility section on your site and recommend our products in it.
- Recommend our products in an article or blog post.
- Promote UserWay’s products on your YouTube channel, social network feed, email newsletter or podcast.
You'll start out by getting a 20% discount for each client that results in a purchase. The amount you make depends on how high you set the price of each transaction above your discounted rate. The more sites you onboard, the higher the discount will be that we give you!
The UserWay management console tracks your activity according to three metrics: Sites, Invoices and Future Payments. Each sale automatically appears in the console.
For additional assistance, please contact our reseller team at partners@userway.org

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