Woman using a screen reader to access the internet on her mobile phone

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Accessibility For Web Agencies Made Easy

Deploy and scale web accessibility for your clients faster, while expanding your lines of business with UserWay — Join over 1,000,000 companies with the leading partner for full-scale ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance.

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Woman using a screen reader to access the internet on her mobile phone

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Control and visibility for you.
An accessible web for everyone.

1 billion people live with some form of disability and struggle to access websites. Let’s do something about it! UserWay’s partnership program provides a scalable platform to get and stay compliant.

UserWay widget customization

Mass deployment and customization.

Modify widget settings for 20,000 sites with a click of a button

UserWay legal compliance support

Legal compliance support for every client.

Ongoing, free personal advisory from our accessibility specialist lawyers

UserWay partner relationship management

Dedicated partner relationship manager

Let us support and train you in addition to self-serve resources

UserWay widget subscription

A free subscription for your own site

Get the UserWay accessibility solution for your own company website at no cost

Partners prefer UserWay
over any other accessibility solution

Showcasing your commitment
to accessibility is good

With powerful incentives to spread internet accessibility, UserWay partners promote breaking down barriers online while generating recurring revenue.

  • Expand your agency’s offering and lines of business
  • Deploy and scale accessibility faster for your clients
  • The most robust ADA compliance solution
UserWay accessibility features

Scalable. Smart. Simple.

It's never been so easy to enhance the usability of your solutions