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Recorded February 2nd, 2023

The Rising Importance of Web Accessibility: A Deep Dive with Forrester's Leading Web Accessibility Analyst

With the growing emphasis on digital products and user experience, website accessibility and inclusive web design are becoming higher priorities for leading companies. According to data reported by Forrester, over 60% of organizations now have an executive-led commitment to accessible products.

UserWay invited renowned Forrester Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar to join UserWay COO, Dr. Lionel Wolberger for a fireside chat, to discuss the rising importance of web accessibility for organizations. Watch it now on-demand.

The Panelists

Gina Bhawalkar

Gina Bhawalkar

Principal Analyst at Forrester for Design & Accessibility

15 years of experience leading and specializing in UX/CX initiatives and design strategy.

Raghavendra Satish Peri

Raghavendra Satish Peri

Director of Accessibility at UserWay

Digital accessibility specialist with focus on WCAG WCAG 2.1, Section 508, ADA, and EN 301549 standards. Certified Professional in Web Accessibility [CPWA] by IAAP.

Lionel Wolberger

Dr. Lionel Wolberger

COO at UserWay & Accessibility Expert

Cornell University B.A., Wesleyan University Ph.D., member of the Accessibility Platform Architectures Working Group, 21 Years at Cisco Secure Video.

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Highlights from the webinar discussion include:

  • Trends based on Forrester analyst research: why so many companies are making commitments to digital accessibility
  • Best practices and policy: Making sure people with disabilities remain the driving force motivating web accessibility initiatives
  • Survey Results: UserWay’s latest accessibility sentiment survey
  • Personas: How they can help marketers and UX designers create more inclusive digital experiences
  • Research: How many companies are hiring dedicated roles for accessibility and why that's important
  • Proven first steps in a company’s accessibility journey

The format of this live webinar will feature an in-depth discussion with Gina Bhawalkar, Forrester’s Principal Analyst for Accessibility, followed by a Q&A session featuring opportunities for attendees to participate.