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  • Automatic access to accessibility features for all website visitors
  • More direct integrations with web platforms like Wordpress and Shopify
  • Superior privacy protection for all website visitors
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UserWay’s Technology, Services, and Support are All Best-in-Class.

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* Based on an average of at least 15 measurements on live vendor sites

** As part of the Managed Accessibility plan

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photo of Sara Friedman

Sara Friedman - Blind & Empowered by UserWay

Sara Friedman

photo of Sigal Shwartz

Meet Sigal Shwartz - Blind from Birth. Empowered by UserWay.

Sigal Shwartz

photo of Neal Elefant

Meet Neal Elefant - Blind in One Eye. Empowered by UserWay.

Neal Elefant

photo of Heather Stone

With UserWay, I have my digital independence back.

Heather Stone

photo of Peter Platt

UserWay covered all of the accessibility issues

Peter Platt

photo of Ben Haensel

Learn Why BlueSky School Trusts UserWay For Student Success

Ben Haensel

photo of Denise Osborne

Learn Why CMS Max Trusts UserWay On More Than 2000 Websites

Denise Osborne

photo of Kristen Dyke

The UserWay widget works really well with Wordpress.

Kristen Dyke

photo of Moshe Gaon

How easy it was to add the UserWay widget to our site!

Moshe Gaon

UserWay is #1 in Market Share

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W3C logo and WCAG
W3C logo and  WCAG

UserWay is Shaping the Future of Accessibility

UserWay`s co-founder and COO serves on the W3CAccessible Platform Architectures Working Group, who is responsible for the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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UserWay is Trusted by the Most Popular CMS Platforms

Native integrations make a big difference. When you log in to an account on Wordpress, Shopify, Duda, SquareSpace, Square, Magneto, Joomla, Drupal, BigCommerce, Sharepoint and many others, you’ll find a button that automatically connects it with UserWay.

But ? It’s only possible to do that with Wordpress. For all the other platforms, you have to manually copy and paste installation code. Yuck.

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UserWay`s Accessibility Widget with opened language selector dropdown and three rounded photos of users

UserWay Goes Beyond the
Basics of Accessibility

Web accessibility isn’t limited to only people with physical disabilities. Everyone can benefit from sites that are able to meet their unique needs. For example, the language a site is written in may not always be the preferred language for every visitor. That's why UserWay offers an add-on that can translate any site into more than 40 different languages.

How about ? By now, you already know the answer.

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UserWay Leads on Critical Metrics

From its technology to feature coverage, no one comes close to the quality of UserWay.


    At first glance, UserWay and may look similar.

    But When You Look at the Facts,
    There is No Comparison

    UserWay is the World's #1 Accessibility Solution and is committed to enabling the fundamental human right of digital accessibility for everyone. When you're ready to make your site compliant, deciding which solution to use is an easy choice to make.

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    Unlike Other Providers, UserWay Is a Real Technology Company

    UserWay has 4 patents for its AI technology and employs more than 35 software engineers. None of our competitors come close to this level of dedication.

    “Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” - James W. Frick

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    No matter the size of your organization or website, our team is available 24/7 to answer questions and resolve problems.

    Dr. Lionel A. Wolberger

    Dr. Lionel A. Wolberger

    COO at UserWay, W3C Accessibility Platform Architects (APA) Working Group, co-chair Personalization Task Force

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