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Modify Your Accessibility Functions

Hi everyone. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to change UserWay widget menu options.Woman wearing a UserWay shirt is speaking, her video is in a small box in the lower left corner of the screen. This box remains throughout the video.

The main screen shows a digital film producer’s website. A slideshow of stills from the producer’s work plays throughout the tutorial.

So, if you click on the widget, you can see the main menu. And in this tutorial, you will learn how to add, remove, and reorder the different menu options.The cursor moves to the UserWay widget icon in the web page’s upper right corner and clicks it. The “Accessibility” menu appears.
So, let’s click on “Manage.”The cursor moves to the “Manage” link in the menu’s lower left and clicks on it. The “Settings” menu appears.
And then go to “Modify the Main Menu.”The cursor clicks on the second item in the “Settings” menu, “Modify the Main Menu.” The “Modify the Main Menu” menu appears with all options grayed out. The options become active.
Right now, we can’t do anything. We can’t reorder or remove the different options. So, to do that, let’s click on “Enable Now.”The cursor clicks the blue “Enable Now” button in the upper right corner of the window. The website toggles become active. All are selected.
First thing is, choose in which site[s] you want to modify the menu. You can do it in all your sites, or jut select some of them.The cursor scrolls along the list of websites.
I’m just going to modify one of my sites. So, I’ll deselect all and just select the site where I want to change the main menu.The cursor clicks the “Deselect All” toggle and all toggles move to the “off” position. Then, the cursor clicks the toggle for next to one site. The toggle moves to the “on” position.
Then, click on “Next,” and you’ll see an estimate price based on the current traffic levels. Pricing to modify the widget menu is $10 per site per 30K page loads per month, with even lower prices for hightraffic sites.The cursor clicks the “Next” button in the menu’s lower right corner. The “Modify the Main Menu” window appears.
Then, click on “Next” and add your credit card details. And, click “Pay” to complete the payment.The cursor clicks on the blue “Next” button in the window’s lower right corner. The window expands to display a credit card form. The cursor scrolls the form and clicks the green “Pay Securely” button in the lower right corner. The “Modify Main Menu” appears.
The options in green are the ones added to the menu, and the ones in gray are the ones that have been removedThe cursor clicks two of the green “active” toggles; the toggles move to the gray “inactive” position.
So, if you want to add them again, just click to select.The cursor clicks one of the two deselected toggles, which returns to the green “active” position.
And, if you click on the left dots next to each option, you can reorder the different options.The cursor clicks on a 3×3 array of gray dots to the left of each option and drags the selection down the list.
So, let’s view our menu…The cursor clicks the blue “View the Main Menu” button in the upper center of the window. The “Accessibility” menu appears, with “Successfully Updated” noted in green letters at the top.
…and see how it’s changed.The cursor clicks the “Page Structure” logo in the Accessibility Menu. The “Settings” Menu appears.
You can also modify the main menu [by] selecting the “One Day Free Trial.” And, if you go to your sites, you can directly select which site you want to modify by clicking the gear and select[ing] “Modify Main Menu.”The cursor clicks on the “My Sites” menu item. The “My Sites” menu appears.
The UserWay logo and two banner links to UserWay videos overlay the website background. One thumbnail obscures the “My Sites” menu. The “Site Settings” menu appears.
Learn how to customize your widget’s look and feel, enable white label, agency mode, and other upgrades, check out the links in the description below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe!The web site fades, and the host appears in full screen, amid the logo and thumbnails.

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