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How to enable/disable sound effects

Hi everyone!Woman wearing a UserWay shirt is speaking, her video is in a small box in the left corner of the screen. This box remains throughout the video.

A website appears in the main screen showing a site with the title “Presidio of San Francisco.” On the website is the image of several iconic San Francisco homes.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to enable sound effects on UserWay widget.The image does not change.
On your site click on the widget.A cursor appears with a yellow circle around it. It moves to the upper-right corner of the screen and clicks on the UserWay widget.
And then click on ‘Manage’ to access widget settings.The widget menu appears, and the cursor moves to the bottom of the menu where there is a blue Manage link. The cursor clicks on this link.
Then scroll a bit down until you see sound effects option.The menu scrolls down until a blue “Sound Effects” link appears. The cursor hovers over this text.
Let’s click on it.The cursor clicks on the Sound Effects link.
And then click on ‘Enable Sound Effects.’The Sound Effects menu appears with the toggle turned to “Off.” The cursor clicks the toggle to enable sound effects.
Now refresh your site to make the changes available.The page refreshes and the widget menu closes.
So now whenever you click on the widget you get a sound effect. You’ll see. *Computer makes a ding sound* There it is.The cursor clicks on the widget and the widget menu opens.
And when you close it *Computer makes a ding sound* you also get the sound effect.The cursor clicks on the “X” in the corner of the widget menu and the menu closes.
And if you want to disable this option go back to the widget. *Computer makes a ding sound*The cursor clicks on the widget and the widget menu opens
Manage.The cursor scrolls down to the “Manage” link and clicks on it.
Scroll down to sound effects.The widget settings menu opens. The cursor scrolls down to the Sound Effects link and clicks on it.
And then click on ‘Disable.’The Sound Effects menu opens and the cursor clicks the toggle back to “Off.”
To learn how to customize your widget’s look and feel, enable white label, agency mode, and other upgrades check out the links in the description below.The website fades away and the woman speaking becomes the main image.
Also, don’t forget to subscribe!The woman finishes speaking and the video fades to black.

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