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Admin: Change password

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to change your administrator password.

Note: This is intended for administrative users.

Method 1: Go to the widget

Go to your website. This is any website where you have already signed up for and added the UserWay widget.

Find your widget button with the accessibility icon. By default, this will look like a circle with a simple graphic of a person in it. This will be floating on the right side of your screen, unless you’ve changed the button position.

Click the widget button.

If you haven’t signed in to the widget yet, type your email address and password, then click on the “Login” button below.

Click “Account settings”.

In the dropdown, find “Change your admin password” and click it.

update your password

Type in your current password in the first field.

In the second field, type in your new password, and re-enter your new password in the third field.

Click on the “Update password” button.

That easy!

Method 2: Go to the management console

You can also make these changes in the UserWay Management Console. You may find you prefer it when you manage multiple sites.

Go to

On the top right, click on the “Sign in” text link.

If it’s your first time signing in, but you’ve already registered for an account, type in the email and password you registered with, and then click “Sign in”.

If you have not yet registered, go to the “Get Your Unique Code” video tutorial. 

If you’re already familiar with the UserWay Management Console, just visit

You’re now in the Management Console.

To update your password:

Go to the left nav.

Scroll down to the bottom, and click on “My Account”.

Now, click “General Settings”.

In the middle of your browser, at the top, you will see the option to change your password.

Type your old password.

Enter your new password.

Confirm it.

Now, click on the “Update Password” button at the right.

Remember that whenever you log in to manage your widget, you must use this new password. So if you think you’ll forget it, mark it down somewhere safe.


As the site admin, what should I do to make my site more accessible?

Installing UserWay’s widget and scanner will help you bring immediate and continuing improvement. These tools are useful for automated and semi-automated accessibility reinforcement.

However, as an administrator, it is important to remember that you are a critical part of the process. Items flagged as violations by the widget and scanner may require some review or input from you. Keep in mind that while AI is smart and getting smarter, it’s still not as discerning as a human being in many ways. The perfect scenario is known as Human in the Loop; that is, machine feedback giving humans information, and humans providing solutions or knowledge in ways that AI still can’t.

Examine your list of flagged items, look through your image tags (especially for complex images such as maps, charts, and diagrams), and find where you can add critical data, or make choices such as which of the many available colors fits contrast requirements and still suits your taste or your site’s style.

Consider whether it is time for a full accessibility audit, or a re-audit.

And, check any PDFs you may have on your site for accessibility.

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