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Admin: Change sign-in email

This tutorial will help you switch your sign-in email to a new email, one step at a time.

Note: This tutorial is for users with admin privileges.

Method 1: In the widget

If your UserWay widget is already registered and activated, go to the site where it’s set up.

Locate the accessibility widget button. Typically, this is going to be round, with a person icon in it. It will be on your screen’s right side, unless you’ve moved its location.

Click on the button to go to the widget.

Navigate to the bottom left and select the Manage button.

Not logged in yet? Enter your credentials: the password and email address you originally used to get signed up.

Select “Account settings”.

From the dropdown menu, choose “Change your email address”. Now click it.

change your email address

You’ll find your current email at the top.

Type in the email address you’d like to use now in the first field there.

Input your current password right after that.

Click the “Update email address” button.

It’s that simple!

Method 2: In a browser

Your second method is via UserWay’s management console. This is easier when you’re a multiple site owner or manager.


Select the link at the right-hand top of the page: “Sign in”

Already registered? Enter your registered credentials (password and email), and click to “Sign in”.

Haven’t registered yet? Watch this video tutorial: “Get Your Unique Code”

If you’re comfortable with using our Management Console, simply go to

Once you’re there, update your email:

In the left navigation bar, scroll down all the way. Then, select “My Account”.

Next, select “General Settings”.

change your email address via management console

At about the center of the browser window, you’ll find your email address fields, where you can make your change.

Beneath your old email address, in the field you’ll see first, input the new email address you’d like to use.

Provide your password.

Finally, click the “Update Email” button on the right.

When logging in to the widget, remember to use the new password. You might forget it, so be sure to write it down in a safe spot.


How can I improve my site’s accessibility?

To start, install UserWay’s tools for an immediate and ongoing accessibility boost. The scanner and widget automate and semi-automate accessibility enhancements.

Remember, as a site owner or admin, you play a crucial role. AI tools may flag items as violations that require your input, or at the least, review. Although AI is intelligent, it still is not able to match human discernment. Aim for the ideal partner scenario, where machine feedback informs humans, and humans provide expertise or decisions that AI cannot.

Review the flagged items and assess any image alts, paying special attention to complex diagrams, maps, and other visual information such as charts. Add essential data, and select suitable colors that meet contrast requirements while aligning with your site’s look and feel, or your personal preference .

Consider conducting a comprehensive accessibility audit, and re-audit if you’ve reached that stage.

Lastly, review and ensure the accessibility of any online PDFs that may be required for your users.

Explore UserWay’s Accessibility Widget