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Change the Button Type

Hi everyone. In this video, I’m going to show you how to change the button type of your UserWay widget. There are four different button types, and I’m going to show you how to change it.Woman wearing a UserWay shirt is speaking, her video is in a small box in the lower left corner of the screen. This box remains throughout the video.

The main screen shows a website that helps dentists with social media marketing.

So, lick on the widget and, all the way down, select “Manage.”The cursor moves to the UserWay widget icon in the web page’s upper right corner and clicks it. The “Accessibility” menu appears. The cursor moves to the “Manage” link in the menu’s lower left and clicks on it. The “Settings” menu appears.
These are the widget options, so look for “Change the Button Type.” Here it is.The cursor clicks the “Change the Button Type” menu option. That menu appears.
You can choose among these four buttons. You just need to click over them, and that’s it.The cursor scrolls over the four widget icon button options. The cursor clicks the button denoting vison impairment.
When you’re done, you can choose if you want to apply the changes to the current site, or if you want to apply the changes to all the sites that you manage. I’m just going to apply it to the current site. So, click on “Apply.” And, we’re done.The cursor clicks the “Apply to Current Sites” button.

The UserWay logo and thumbnail links to other company videos appears over the example website.

To learn how to customize your widget’s look and feel, enable white label, agency mode, and other upgrades, check out the links in the description below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe!The web site fades, and the host appears in full screen, amid the logo and thumbnails.

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