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Change button (widget icon) type

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to change the style of the UserWay accessibility button, or widget icon, that shows up on your site for users.

Note: this is for widget admin users.

Method 1: Go to the widget

Go to your website. This is any website where you have already signed up for and added the UserWay widget.

Find your widget button with the accessibility icon. By default, this will look like a circle with a simple graphic of a person in it. This will be floating on the right side of your screen, unless you’ve changed the button position.

Click the widget button.

If you haven’t signed in to the widget yet, type your email address and password, then click on the “Login” button below.

Now, in the widget, down on the bottom left, click on the “Manage” button. In the screen that appears, expand “Widget settings”, and scroll down to the second option from the top: “Change the button type”

Change the button type

2 - change button type

Click on your desired icon, and then click “Apply to ( your site)”.

If you want to change the button type for all your sites, click “Apply to all sites”.

Preview your site to make sure changes have been applied. You’re done!

Method 2: Go to the management console

You can also change the button type via the UserWay management console. When you’re managing multiple sites, you may prefer using the management console, as it has more convenient multiple site options.

Go to On the top right, click on the “Sign in” text link.

In the next screen, type in the email and password you registered with, and then click on the Login button.

If it’s your first time signing in to the Management Console, but you’ve already registered for a UserWay account, don’t worry, your registration email and password will work fine here too.

If you have not yet registered, go to the “Get Your Unique Code” video tutorial. 

If you’re already familiar with the UserWay management console, just visit

You’re now in the management console. 

In the middle of your screen you will see a list of your sites. Go ahead and find the site where you want to change the button type and click on it.

A new window will slide in from the right side of the screen.

On the top right, under your site name, you will see some text tabs, starting with “Overview, Report, Stats” etc. Click on the “Button” text tab.

Now, scroll down past the color selector until you see the “Button type” section. Select the button type or style you prefer. Then, click on “Apply” to save these settings for your current site, or click on “Apply to all sites”. This also shows you the amount of sites you have listed with the widget.

Click on apply

While you’re in this area, you will also notice your options to change button color, button size, and the button’s location on the page for your site, for both desktop and mobile. These are fairly straightforward, and you’re already here. But, if you wish, we also have separate tutorials for each of these actions.

Preview your site to make sure changes have been applied. You’re done!


What and where is the button?

On any site where the UserWay widget is installed, you’ll see a small accessibility icon. By default, this will be a blue circle with a figure of a person inside it. Also by default, it will be located at about the middle right of the page. You can change both the look and the location of the button.

What else should I do to make my site more accessible?

Nearly every website has accessibility violations, and most have a lot. While installing UserWay’s widget and scanner will help you bring some immediate and continuing improvement, these are not the only solutions we offer. Take a look at our audit page and decide whether you should audit for accessibility at this time. And, view our products page to find out more about our other solutions.

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