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Change the Button Size

Hi everyone!Woman wearing a UserWay shirt is speaking, her video is in a small box in the left corner of the screen. This box remains throughout the video.

A website appears in the main screen showing a site called “Dental Social Directory.” On the website is the image of a person with their arms folded wearing blue scrubs. Their face is blocked by page navigation.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to change the size of your UserWay widget.The image does not change.
Here’s our button.A cursor hovers over the UserWay icon on the top-right corner of the dental website.
And if you feel that it’s a bit big, then I’ll show you how to change it.The image does not change.
So click on the widget.The cursor clicks on the UserWay icon.
All the way down select “Manage.”The UserWay widget menu opens, and the cursor scrolls down and clicks on the “Manage” link.
These are the widget settings.The widget menu becomes the widget settings menu.
So to change the size, go to “Change the Button Size.”The cursor hovers over and clicks on the “Change the Button Size” link.
There are two different sizes.The Change Button Size menu appears with two sizes of icons. The largest icon in highlighted.
And you just need to click over the new size.The cursor clicks on the smaller icon size and it becomes highlighted.
Remember that no matter which size you choose, mobile devices will always display the smaller size.The cursor hovers in a circle around the smaller size icon.
Whenever you’re done, you can choose to apply the changes just to the current site.The image does not change.
Or you can apply the changes to all the sites that you manage.The cursor moves to hover over the “Apply to All 10 Sites” button on the Change Button Size menu.
I’m just going to apply this change to the current site.The cursor moves to hover over a blue button that reads “Apply to Dentisocial” on the Change Button Size menu.
So click on “Apply.”The cursor clicks on the blue “Apply to Dentisocial” button.
And we’re done.The image doesn’t change.
To learn how to customize your widget’s look and feel, enable white label, agency mode, and other upgrades, check out the links in the description below.The website fades away and the woman speaking becomes the main image.
Also, don’t forget to subscribe!The woman finishes speaking and the video fades to black.

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