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Accessibility for Agencies

Upbeat music plays throughout the videoUserWay’s logo appears on the screen.
Installing UserWay’s widget on your website ensures that everyone,A drawing of a website appears with the words “Hiking Adventure” written on it. A blue circle forms into the UserWay icon in the corner of the page. Then, the UserWay menu appears.
No matter what accommodations they need, can access your digital content.The image fades and a video of a man wearing sunglasses and talking into a cellphone appears.

This fades into a video of a man in a wheelchair using a laptop at a table.

This fades into a video of a woman holding up her hand against a robotic hand.

However, you’ve probably spent a long time carefully crafting your website’s look & feel and want to ensure optimal exposure for your brand.Three people holding stickie notes lean over a table with many notes stuck to it.

This fades into three women looking at a computer screen. The middle woman is sitting in front of the screen and nods positively.

Custom branding the UserWay widget reinforces your brand’s commitmentAn image of the UserWay White Label and Custom Branding webpage appears.
to providing an accessible user experience for your users.Dark and light blue colors move across the screen. A video of a woman wearing sunglasses and petting a guide dog appears.
Custom branding your widget is easy. Here’s how…A woman types at a computer. The image fades to a video of another woman scrolling through UserWay’s feature list on a computer
First, open the UserWay widget on your website. If you haven’t installed the UserWay widget yet, get it for free at UserWay webpage appears with the widget menu open. The video moves to a web browser address bar and the url “” is typed in.
Next, click the “Manage” link at the bottom of the accessibility menu, and sign in.The image fades to a website with the UserWay widget menu open. A large cursor clicks the word “Manage” on the widget menu.

The menu changes to a login screen where an email address and asterisks replacing the password are typed in. The cursor clicks a blue “Login” button.

Then, click the “upgrade” button and select “Set Up Now” and then choose which of your sites you’d like to custom brand.The Settings menu appears with a large, green “Upgrade” button in the right corner. The cursor clicks on the button.

The Remove UserWay Branding menu appears and the cursor clicks on the blue “Set Up Now” button.

The Set Up Domains menu appears with several domains listed, each one with a toggle button next to it. The cursor clicks on one of the toggle buttons to activate the button.

Enter your payment details, and finally, upload your logo.The widget payment menu appears as the image zooms out. The cursor clicks on the green “Pay Securely” button at the bottom of the menu.

The widget menu appears, now red with a rocket logo at the bottom of the menu showing the custom branding.

You also have the option to test it out with a free trial. That’s it!The Remove UserWay Branding menu reappears showing the “1-Day Trial” button. The cursor clicks that button.
The UserWay widget now shows your logo whenever users require accessibility features.The widget menu custom branded with the rocket logo reappears as cartoon celebratory confetti appears on the screen.
If you’d like to customize the widget even further, you can choose the white label option.The custom branded widget menu fades to show the White Label Settings menu. The cursor clicks the green “Enable Whitelabel” button.
This allows you to remove all of the links that usually appear at the bottom of the widget.The White Label menu changes to the widget features menu. The image pans down to show no branding or links at the bottom of the widget menu.
UserWay’s white label feature is geared towards agencies managing hundreds of websites and who resell UserWay-powered accessibility packages at a markup.An aerial video looks down on people working at office desks.

The video fades to an office where a man is typing on a computer and a woman leaning next to him gesturing to the computer screen.

The video fades to an aerial video of a table covered in papers and laptops. There are four people sitting around the table and a man in a wheelchair joins them.

With UserWay’s white label options, agencies can expand their product offeringThe video fades to two men having a discussion in front of a desktop computer.

The video fades to a woman smiling.

and give their customers the security and convenience of the most powerful accessibility solution available.The video fades to another woman smiling.

The video fades to another woman smiling.

The video fades to another woman smiling.

The video fades to a man smiling.

The video fades to another man smiling.

Please visit for more information and to request access to UserWay’s APIsA web address bar appears and “” is typed it.

The video fades to a computer screen scrolling through the UserWay website.

The computer screen disappears and is replaced by the UserWay logo. The logo condenses into a single, blue dot on a white background.

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