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Google Analytics Integration

Adding the UserWay dashboard to Google Analytics 4

Follow these steps to see your website’s UserWay usage data on your Google Analytics account.

Creating a UserWay dashboard in GA4

1. Ensure that you have the Usage Stats add-on enabled.

2. Click on the Site in “My site” and click the Stats tab

3. Scroll down to “Google Analytics” and toggle on “Track the widget’s usage data with site’s Google Analytics”

Track the widget's usage data with site's Google Analytics

4. Adding UserWay custom dimensions (“name” and “state”):

a. In your Google Analytics 4 dashboard, click the Admin icon at the bottom left corner of the screen then click “Custom definitions” (located under “Property settings” -> “Data Display”).

Screenshot of a Google Analytics 4 interface highlighting 'Custom definitions' with an arrow and 'Admin' gear icon at the bottom.

b. Click the “Create custom dimension” button.

GA4 interface showing 'Create custom dimension' option with a red arrow pointing to it

c. In the dialog that opens, add a new dimension

i. Add a custom Dimension name (e.g. “uw_name” or “uw_state”)

ii. In the “Scope” dropdown, choose “Event” (default)

iii. In the “Event parameter“ dropdown, choose “uw_name” from the options. (Note: It may take 24-48 hours until custom dimensions can be added for the first time in GA4.)

iv. Click the “Save” button.

v. Do steps 1-14 again for the “uw_state” custom dimension.

5. Creating a  UserWay events report

a. Click the “Explore” tab, then click “Blank” under Explorations to create a new report.

b. Click the “+” sign in “Dimensions”.

c. In the “Select dimensions” screen, type “Search dimensions” in the search bar, select “Event Name” and the two new custom dimensions created in step 1 (uw_name and uw_state) and click “Import”.

d. In the Variables tab, scroll down to “Metrics”, then click the “+” sign.

e. In the “Select metrics” search bar, type “Event count”, select the corresponding option in the results, then click the “Import” button.

f. You can now see the three dimensions you’ve created and the Event Count metric on the dashboard.

g. Double-click on each of the parameters to add them to the report.

h. Click on “Filters” and choose “Event name.”

i. Under Filters, choose “Exactly matches” from the dropdown, type “UserWay” into the field below it, then click Apply.

6. The dashboard is now ready. Now you can track your website’s UserWay usage data. 

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