Accessibility Audits:
A Critical Step to Compliance

Depending on the structure and types of accessibility violations on your site, a deeper analysis by UserWay's team of accessibility auditors may be required.

Our team analyses the nature of your digital content, site structure, underlying templates and UI/UX intentions. We provide best-in-class, industry-leading, audits for multinationals, enterprises and SMBs, ensuring every level of site complexity is covered.

Select the audit package that is right for your business and start on the path to accessibility and a comprehensive protective legal framework today.

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Custom Pricing Calculator
For Accessibility Audits

Pricing for UserWay's accessibility audits start at $200 per page (for pages of standard length and complexity). Use the calculator below to get a price estimate for your site’s accessibility audit.

5 pages
35 pages - $7,000
100 pages

1. Select an Audit Package That Best Suits Your Site

Audit yourStandard WebsiteFor WCAG Compliance

Up to 10 pages
1-2 forms
Dynamic elements
Audit report will be ready in
14 business days

Audit yourLarge WebsiteFor WCAG Compliance

Up to 30 pages
3-5 forms
Rich media
Complex navigation
Audit report will be ready in
21 business days

Audit yourEcommerce SiteFor WCAG Compliance

Up to 50 pages
Complex forms
Dynamic templates
Search & filter results
Restricted access
Audit report will be ready in
30 business days

Audit yourEnterprise AppFor WCAG Compliance

Custom Pricing
Unlimited pages
Complex forms
Dynamic templates
Search & facets
Restricted access
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Learn how to get a 50% tax credit on your accessibility audit payment

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