Accessible PDFs
Made Effortless

UserWay's automated PDF monitoring & remediation ensures any PDFs your organization manages are fully accessible & compliant with the strictest WCAG, ADA and PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility) standards.

24×7 PDF Monitoring Throughout
Your Entire Organization

  • Ensure all your PDFs are accessible & fully compliant with ADA regulations
  • 24x7 AI-powered PDF monitoring!

1. UserWay’s Widget Identifies Your PDFs

UserWay's Accessibility Widget will automatically alert you to inaccessible PDFs on your site.
Don't have UserWay's Widget yet? No worries! You also can upload any PDFs for remediation!

UserWay’s AI-powered PDF user interface

2. Select Which PDFs to Remediate

Review the list of PDFs on your site and choose which to submit for remediation.
You can also directly Upload PDFs not yet found on your site from your PDF dashboard

Example of UserWay’s user interface showing list of PDFs

3. Review & Approve Pricing

Pricing is based on the complexity level for each page (standard page @ $12, page with tables @ $80, page with fillable forms @ $180) with a full price breakdown for each PDF.

Example of UserWay’s user interface showing PDFs awaiting payment

4. Remediated PDFs are Delivered

Download your remediated PDFs or have UserWay securely host them for you along with an official Statement of Compliance!

Example of user interface showing remediated PDFs for download

5. Get Notified as New PDFs are Found

UserWay's PDF monitoring system will continuously monitor your website and notify you of any new PDFs in need of remediation.

example of user interface showing newly discovered PDFs requiring remediation

Pricing Schedule for
PDF Remediation

Page TypePrice

Standard PDF Page

A standard PDF page with text and images.


Complex PDF Page

A complex PDF page with tables, graphs, and charts. Common examples include invoices, utility bills, annual reports with financial data.


PDF Page with Interactive Forms

A PDF page with interactive (fillable) form fields. Common examples include W-9s, bank forms, government forms, registration forms, and questionnaires.


Ensure Lasting ADA Compliance
Across all of Your Sites

  • Get alerted whenever inaccessible PDFs are found on your site, and remediate them with one-click!
  • Newly remediated PDFs can also be hosted on UserWay's secure servers, automatically replacing the previously inaccessible files, so you don't have to re-embed them on your site!
  • Get an official Statement of Compliance for each remediated PDF, and never worry about inaccessible content again!

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