Accessible PDFs with
UserWay PDF Remediation

Ensure all of your PDFs are accessible,
fully compliant, and meet ADA regulations

While PDF accessibility is a critical component of creating an accessible website, it is frequently overlooked. Many site owners upload PDFs to their websites and forget about them, leaving your site's visitors to grapple with inaccessible content and complex digital barriers and your business exposed to legal risk for hosting inaccessible content on your website.

With UserWay's PDF Remediation, our team of experts ensures your PDFs are compliant with the latest accessibility regulations in the US, Europe and internationally.

Pricing for
UserWay's PDF Remediaton

UserWay reviews each PDF and prepares a detailed quote for your organization. Discounts for large volumes of PDFs are available.

Page TypePrice

Standard PDF Page

A standard PDF page with text and images.


Complex PDF Page

A complex PDF page with tables, graphs, and charts. Common examples include invoices, utility bills, annual reports with financial data.


PDF Page with Interactive Forms

A PDF page with interactive (fillable) form fields. Common examples include W-9s, bank forms, government forms, registration forms, and questionnaires.

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