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UserWay's Managed Accessibility includes our AI-Powered Accessibility Widget, plus continual manual reviews, testing, updates by our experts and more.

Managed Accessibility Benefits Include:

  • WCAG 2.1 AA conformance to meet ADA and EN 301-549 rules
  • Real-time accessibility monitoring & reports
  • Full suite of 100+ AI-powered accessibility functions
  • Custom remediation expertise from visually impaired testers
  • Litigation protection + $1,000,000 commitment

Fully Managed Accessibility by UserWay

Signature Experience

Get the Most from Your AccessibilityInitiatives

With Managed Accessibility, your websites and other digital assets won’t just conform to compliance standards, they’ll be the example other organizations look to for inspiration.

  • Expert Insights and Execution

    Benefit from our team’s expertise and experience in web accessibility, some of whom are even involved in defining worldwide accessibility standards. They’ll ensure your website meets strict conformance requirements and guarantee everything works in real-world situations.

  • Seamless Accessibility

    No matter what type of content gets uploaded to your website, or how frequently, our AI technology will review it for accessibility violations to make it more compliant for desktop computers and mobile devices.

  • Worry-Free Lawsuit Protection

    Fraudulent lawsuits that misrepresent and ignore the facts are commonplace across industries. That’s why the UserWay Litigation Support Program includes a $1 million warranty. Our program provides comprehensive support to address lawsuits and demand letters.

Managed Accessibility

Here’s How it Works


Website Scan & Manual Audit

Everything starts with a quick automated scan of your website to see how many and what types of violations are present. We then use the scan as a guide for a detailed manual audit that lists every violation and what needs to be done to correct each one.


Strategy Development

Our team works with yours to integrate the UserWay AI-Powered Pro Widget on your site(s). If any custom code is needed to make everything work smoothly, our developers can write it. We take this time to create a plan for remediating your other digital assets, like PDFs and videos.


AI-Powered Widget Remediations

This is when it starts getting really fun. Our widget can review and correct thousands of pages of content in a matter of minutes. If this step were done manually, it could take years! At this point, your website is much more compliant than where it began.


Manual Remediation

Our experts will review the edits our AI has made and the text it has written for images and buttons. Much of the work done by the AI only needs approval, but others are edited by hand to ensure your content reads as smoothly as possible and matches the voice of your brand.


Real-World Testing

Now that your site is at a higher level of compliance, it moves to our Empathy Lab. Here, people with disabilities who are also accessibility experts test your website using assistive technologies like screen readers.


Monitoring & Updates

Once your site and other assets are accessible, our team will continue to run website scans to look for violations our AI hasn’t corrected. And as accessibility regulations change around the world, UserWay automatically updates your widget so all of your content, no matter when it was published, stays current.


Litigation Protection

If you ever receive a demand letter or are named in an accessibility lawsuit, you're covered with Managed Accessibility. But if it does happen, you’re covered with Managed Accessibility. We cover everything from assessing claim validity to tailoring your accessibility action plan, to serving as an expert witness in trial. Our team will also work with your legal counsel, when necessary, to draw up and articulate a response based on examined facts.

Meet Our Legal Support Experts

Our Legal Support Program provides comprehensive assistance in addressing and responding to any type of legal complaint or demand letter regarding online accessibility.

Accessibility Isn't a Part-Time Job

It’s easy for digital assets to become noncompliant because few leaders and departments can give accessibility their undivided attention. UserWay adds that level of oversight without the need to hire a dedicated team of accessibility experts.

An illustration of a Statement of Compliance document generated by UserWay
A screenshot of the UserWay Accessibility Monitoring Dashboard
A woman with a vision impairment smiles while using a laptop computer

A few more perks included WITH Managed Accessibility

Full WCAG 2.1Statement of Compliance

An illustration of a Statement of Compliance document generated by UserWay

Accessibility statements exist to show site visitors the current status of your website’s accessibility. This document helps to reduce the chance of your organization receiving a complaint or demand letter.

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