with our AI code fixer

At UserWay, our commitment to innovation in web accessibility drives everything we do. Developers rely on our suite of AI-driven tools and the award-winning UserWay Accessibility Widget. We provide an AI code fixer that works behind the scenes to create websites that are more accessible and user-friendly. Here’s how can benefit your development process:

The UserWay AI-powered accessibility widget with the Motor Impaired profile and Dictionary feature highlighted
  • Fixes your code
    locally within the browser

  • Dynamically adapts to user preferences, enhancing accessibility and performance

  • Offers customizable features triggered
    by user interactions, promoting inclusivity

  • Remedies violations behind the scenes
    for a seamless user experience

Powerful content remediation, minimal effort

UserWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widgetinstantly remediates a majority of your existing content while fixing any content that is added or modified, all with the power of automation. While moving you closer to compliance, this also eases use for all site visitors. Leverage the power of every tool below to increase your site’s performance, usability, and more.