UserWay Helps Port City Marketing
Achieve Accessibility

Port City Marketing employees experimenting with UserWay widget

    Digital Marketing


    To be able to offer accessibility to client websites


    Install the UserWay AI-powered Widget on the company website


    Accessibility options for students with dyslexia, color blindness, and other disabilities all in just one widget

Client Background

Port City Marketing is a full-service firm based in Stockton, California, founded in 2010. It specializes in graphic design, website design, advertising, and marketing promotions. The firm provides unique marketing solutions for corporate, nonprofit, and government agencies while actively supporting female-owned businesses and community organizations located throughout Stockton.

Its diverse team brings a wealth of experience and talent to projects with members from mid-sized companies, startups, and billion-dollar corporations. Clients of Port City Marketing value its highly personal approach to relationship building and the unparalleled quality of the work its team produces.

Port City Marketing is dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofits thrive while becoming more inclusive.

Photo of Kristen Dyke

The UserWay widget works really well with Wordpress. We love how easy it is to install, and it’s quick to manage accessibility for all of our client websites with just one login.

Kristen DykePartner and Director of
Marketing, Port City Marketing

The Challenge

Scalable Accessibility for Client Websites

Port City Marketing makes campaigns for various audiences, but its management team wanted to add more options for clients to become digitally accessible, even if it didn’t have any in-house accessibility capabilities.

The firm also didn’t want to surprise its clients with high costs or time delays by needing to manually re-code all the pages on their existing websites. It also wanted to guarantee that new content would be automatically accessible when uploaded to client websites. Additionally, the management team wanted a solution that complies with privacy regulations.

The Solution


Easy Implementation and Testing

Applying accessibility measures is often a long and challenging process for firms that manage thousands of pages.
However, since the UserWay accessibility widget requires only one line of code to install, Port City Marketing can quickly implement and test the widget on client websites.

UserWay widget in use in the Port City Marketing website
Widget usage statistics and remediation results for Port City Marketing website


Low-Impact Accessibility

Upon installation, the UserWay widget immediately fixes accessibility violations, such as missing alt tags and descriptive text. The widget performs the fixes at the code level without affecting the layout and design of website elements. It can also be customized to match client brand guidelines.


Respect for user preferences

All of UserWay’s accessibility features are available in one widget. This feature eliminates the need for visitors to websites built by Port City Marketing to select their accessibility requirements, maintaining user privacy.

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User Privacy

Fast Time
to Market

Intuitive User

Reduced Workload,
Reduces TCO

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