UserWay Makes Dreams More Accessible for Little Dreamers Australia

Remediation summary for Little Dreamers website



    To improve accessibility for people with disabilities and the people who take care of them


    Implement the UserWay AI-powered Widget on the Little Dreamers website


    More than 3,000 accessibility violations resolved to date; customized dyslexia font for improved site readability

Client Background

Little Dreamers Australia is a non-profit organization that supports young people (“Carers”) who provide unpaid care for a family member with a disability, illness, or addiction. In just 12 years, the organization has had a significant impact on the lives of young people and developed numerous internationally recognized programs.

Among Little Dreamers’ signature programs are the Dream Experience, which offers opportunities for children to take a break with their families, and The Dreamers Hub, an online community that connects Carers to resources and events for personal development and networking opportunities.

Little Dreamers is a community with inclusivity and equality at its heart.

Photo of Emma Woodward

“We had been looking for a solution to improve the accessibility of our website for a while. With UserWay, we now have both a website and online platform for Young Carers that represent our community and values.”

Emma WoodwardNational Events & Marketing Manager,
Little Dreamers Australia

The Challenge

Scalable Accessibility for Both Carers and People With Disabilities

Little Dreamers needed to create an accessible and user-friendly website and online hub that met the needs of its diverse audience, including carers and the people they assist. In addition, the leadership discovered that one of their employees had dyslexia, making them realize that accessibility was everyone’s concern.

The organization needed a simple way to make its website, hub community, and new content compliant with accessibility guidelines. Since new programs are created every year, the website is constantly updated. Little Dreamers needed an accessibility solution that would grow with the organization.

The Solution


Quick Setup and Customizability

The UserWay AI-powered widget helped Little Dreamers make its existing content accessible without the need to adjust the code for all pages. The widget also makes navigation and website display customization easy to manage, both for the web administrator and end-users.

UserWay widget in use in the Little Dreamers website
Remediation results for Little Dreamers website


Real-time content remediation

To date, the widget has resolved more than 3000 accessibility violations on the Little Dreamers website and hub, and will automatically remediate any new content. It also lists the exact violations that are being corrected, so the Little Dreamers team can provide this data to website developers.


Dyslexia-friendly font

The widget allows all visitors to switch the text on the site to a dyslexia-friendly font. Its research-based design helps readers interpret letters and numbers more easily.

Dyslexia-friendly font in Little Dreamers website

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