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    Cybersecurity, tech


    To make CHEQ's website accessible and user-friendly


    Install UserWay's AI-powered Widget on CHEQ's website


    Fully-customizable online experiences, including a screen reader and contrast settings

Client Background

CHEQ is the leading solution in the world for Go-to-Market organizations looking to secure their business from invalid traffic (IVT). The company is at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, leading the growth of Go-to-Market Security (GTMSec), one of the fastest-growing categories in tech today.

We're putting cybersecurity in the hands of go-to-market leaders, to secure their operations, marketing, sales, data and analytics from fake users, bots, and other malicious actors, who make up over 40% of the internet's traffic.

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The entire integration experience proved that UserWay is the company that we want to partner with because it works across all of our platforms, no matter what code we write in.

Orr NirHead of Cyber Security, CHEQ

The Challenge

Conforming with web accessibility standards

CHEQ leaders were aware of the US and international web accessibility requirements and wanted to make their site conform to the accepted standards. As its development team got deeper into the process, it realized maintaining a high level of compliance would take too much time away from product development.

Its executive team had already ensured the company’s website content was easy to read. However, CHEQ leadership knew they needed help to guarantee the site worked flawlessly for people who use assistive technologies to navigate the web. Specifically, CHEQ didn't want to re-code all the pages on the website and required that all new materials added to the site become automatically accessible. In addition, visitor privacy was a critical requirement.

The Solution


Easy accessibility
with the widget

By implementing the UserWay AI-Powered Accessibility Widget, CHEQ avoided manually adjusting the code across all the pages on its website.

A graph showing issues UserWay fixed for CHEQ
CHEQ homepage showing how UserWay widget buttons match CHEQ's brand colors.


Brand integration

The widget button matches the colors and style of the CHEQ website without looking out of place.


Access to all
accessibility tools

All CHEQ website visitors automatically have access to the UserWay widget’s accessibility tools. As a result, they are never asked to disclose their disabilities or select their disabilities from a list, thus preserving their privacy.

Partial images of CHEQ web page and UserWay Widget features that show easy access to accessibility tools

User Privacy

Fast Time
to Market

Intuitive User

Reduced Workload,
Reduces TCO

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