UserWay Helps
BlindPax Achieve
Digital Accessibility

A young woman in a wheelchair using a laptop computer and a young woman outdoors rolling her wheelchair on a walking path

    Disability services, non-profit organization


    To make the organization’s website and client websites accessible


    Install the UserWay AI-powered Widget on BlindPax and client websites


    Fully-customizable online experiences, including a screen reader and contrast settings

Client Background

BlindPax provides educational seminars and diversity programs for the tourism and hospitality industry throughout Africa. The organization’s services include training hotel staff how to accommodate blind visitors in addition to helping businesses in the tourism industry make their websites more accessible.

We want everyone who interacts with people with disabilities to know they are capable individuals who can achieve their dreams.

A headshot of BlindPax Project Manager, Dominic Kiamba

My interaction with the UserWay team has been amazing. Very supporting. Always there on time to address my needs.

Dominic KiambaProject Manager, BlindPax

The Challenge

Low-cost online accessibility for users in Africa

Many people in Africa with disabilities cannot afford popular screen reading technologies, which meant that few in the blind community could access the BlindPax website or other tourism-based websites throughout the continent.

A simple solution was needed that would make the BlindPax website accessible that also included a built-in screen reader. The organization also needed an inexpensive and easy way to help its hospitality clients make their websites accessible. Additionally, the BlindPax leadership team wanted to guarantee that any new materials added to all of these sites would automatically be accessible.

The Solution


UserWay Partner

As a UserWay Partner, BlindPax earns commissions from clients who add the UserWay widget to their websites.

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Image showing easy access to UserWay's build-in screen reader


Built-in screen reader

All website visitors, including the blind, can now access the BlindPax website without the need for external screen readers. Instead, they use UserWay’s built-in screen reader to listen to site content.


Ease of Implementation and Use

The UserWay AI-powered accessibility widget is easy to add to client websites. Users can just as easily locate the widget on the screen for a fully customizable browsing experience.

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