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Quickly strengthen the accessibility of your Shopify website by installing UserWay’s Accessibility Widget, which works perfectly, out-of-the-box, on any website built with Shopify.

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UserWay’s Accessibility Widget immediately helps strengthen any weak points and accessibility hurdles on your Shopify site. UserWay works flawlessly on both purchased and premade templates as well as your own hand-crafted templates and designs.

Installing UserWay’s Accessibility Widget for your portfolio of Shopify sites is free, regardless of how many sites you manage or the number of pages each of your sites contains.

Enjoy an immediate accessibility boost and provide powerful site enhancements for your users while helping to fend off potential lawsuits and legal claims related to accessibility, ADA, Section 508 and other violations rooted in code that’s non-compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.

If you had issues with UserWay’s Accessibility Plugin please contact us on

You can also set up your widget on your Shopify website in less than two minutes using our UserWay’s Accessibility Widget Manual Installation guide.

How to install UserWay’s Widget on Shopify

Step 1: Choose Themes

In Shopify’s back-end click on ‘Online Store.’ Then click on the ‘Themes’ option, where you’ll see all the themes that you have. Make sure that we’re going to edit your current theme.

Step 9 Choose Themes

Step 2: Choose Actions

You might find other themes down here, but it has to be active so this is the current theme.

Click on ‘Actions’  and scroll down a little bit and click on ‘Actions’ and ‘Edit Code’ options.

Step 10 Choose Actions

Step 3: Choose ‘theme.liquid’

Select ‘theme.liquid’ because this is the file that you’re going to edit.

Step 11 Choose 'theme.liquid'

Step 4: Paste the Code

Scroll all the way down until we find the body closing tag.

The body closing tag

Past the code and click on ‘Save.’

Past the code and click on 'Save'

Step 5: Preview and Save

To make sure you’ve done all these steps correctly then preview this site I’m going to open it in a new tab. If you see the widget right here, this means that you’ve installed it correctly.

There’s another way to check if you’ve set up everything correctly. Go back to and here click on the ‘Let’s Verify’ button. But again if you see the widget on your site that means you’ve done everything correctly.

So what we can do is click on ‘Skip,’ and you get your accessibility statement. This is a template that you can modify, you can add all your details, you can customize it, and bring it to your site.