UserWay Partners with Tribute Technology to Offer Accessibility to Funeral Industry Websites

UserWay Partners with Tribute Technology to Offer Accessibility to Funeral Industry Websites

UserWay COO Lionel Wolberger recently represented UserWay at a webinar hosted by Tribute Technology. As an expert on web accessibility, Lionel participates in the W3C Accessible Platforms Working Group and is part of the Forbes Technology Council.

He has a PhD in anthropology and multiple tech patents. As UserWay’s COO, he represents an industry leader in digital accessibility, helping businesses comply with ADA and WCAG and bridging the gap between the Internet and people with disabilities.

Tribute Technology is a technology provider that focuses on the funeral profession. CEO Matt Frazer, a 20-year industry veteran, leads a global team of over 400 developers, UX designers, payment specialists, data scientists, and customer service professionals that serve more than 9,000 funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories.

Tribute Technology’s products include an online floral and memorial store, memorial videos, a payment platform, and a lead generation solution.

Lionel started the webinar with an introduction to different types of disabilities, the concept of accessibility, the legal risks businesses face when they don’t comply with website accessibility regulations, and what they can do to make their websites more inclusive. He ended his presentation by demonstrating the UserWay AI-powered widget and how it adds accessibility to funeral service websites.

Following Lionel’s presentation, Tribute Technology CMO Courtney Gould Miller walked webinar guests through the benefits of website accessibility that the company offers in partnership with UserWay. The webinar ended with a short Q&A session where both presenters responded to questions sent in by attendees.

Overall, the webinar was a success, with 350 registered participants and almost 200 attendees. The enthusiastic response indicated that the funeral profession is ready for full website accessibility.

To watch the full webinar, visit the Tribute Technology webinar page here.

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