PDF documents linked from or displayed in your website must be accessible. This may include standard PDFs such as legal documents, brochures, or product catalogs, and more complex or interactive PDFs such as reports, invoices or registration forms.

Most PDFs are NOT accessible when they are generated. In fact, almost none are. It is critical that PDFs on your site are in compliance with accessibility standards. This applies both to PDFs that you create and also to PDFs that you did not generated, but are made available on your site.

To examine and fix accessibility issues for PDFs on your site, you can send PDFs to our remediation team. List prices may change for complex documents.

This is a video to show you how to remediate a PDF through your widget.

UserWay’s Accessibility Widget will automatically alert you to inaccessible PDFs on your site. But you can also directly upload any PDF, whether they’re from your site, or any other PDF you want to make accessible.

For example, a store website may want to offer accessible PDFs of instructions for various products that it sells.

Step 1: Open the Widget

As the site admin, click on the widget to open it. On the bottom left, click on “Manage”.

Step 1: Open the Widget and choose "Manage" option

Step 2: Select the “PDF remediation” Option

Under “Remediation” select “PDF remediation”.

Step 2: Select remediation

Select “PDF remediation”

Step 3: Display the PDFs

Select to display the PDFs on the “Current page” or the “Entire site”. Let’s see the PDFs on the “Entire site”.

This way, the UserWay widget will go ahead and find all your site’s PDFs.

Step 3: Display the PDFs

Step 4: Submit the PDF for Review

Below you’ll see a list of the PDFs that the UserWay widget has found on your site.

Select the PDF you would like to submit by clicking on the checkbox right next to the file name.

You can choose more than one. Then click on the “Submit for Review” button above.

Step 4: Submit the PDF for Review

A member of the UserWay team will review the PDF and get back to you with a quote. When it’s done, you will get a notification email.

Follow the link or click the button in the email to get your quote.

Access your email for the quote

Check Your Quote from a Link in the Widget

You can also check your quote from a link in the widget as well. In the widget, under PDF Remediation settings, click on the “Continue to payment” button and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Continue payment

To confirm payment, click on the green “pay” button.

Fill in your payment details and click on the green button to pay securely. (screen changes to “uploaded PDF” tab)

Enter your payment details

A member of UserWay will work on making your PDF accessible. When it’s done, you will be notified by email.

Email notification

If you already have UserWay’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget on your site, the newly-remediated PDFs will automatically update on your site without any further action needed from you.