At UserWay, we are always trying to come up with new ways to make the internet more accessible for users. One thing we realized was that we needed to make our accessibility menu even easier for users to understand and utilize.

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and seen a sign displayed in a foreign language? The text is there, and you know that it is trying to convey something important. You might even see a drawing that seems like it should make the meaning behind the text clearer, but it just doesn’t make sense. The sign has a purpose, to inform you, but it is falling short of doing its job because the language barrier makes it impossible to understand. We didn’t want people who could benefit from UserWay’s accessibility menu to have a hard time using it because they do not know English. After all, the internet should be an inclusive place for everyone!

Users do not have the time to translate every feature in the accessibility menu from the English display into their native language just so they can understand what it will do when they select each option. Frankly, they should not have to do all of that work just to get access to the features that will help them most. Also, any users that employ text-to-speech need to hear the options read to them in a language they recognize so that they can choose the modifications that they need. Language localization just makes sense.

The UserWay widget is currently being used by many international educational institutions. It also appears on many government, municipality and agency websites in places like Italy, the UK, and Brazil.

That is why our team is proud to say that the UserWay accessibility menu is now able to display in more than 24 languages. The best part? You won’t need to do anything extra to get this feature on your site. If you already have UserWay installed on your website, it’s already available to your users. Our widget now seamlessly and automatically identifies which language your user needs and displays the accessibility menu in the language that they use.

Helping your users to get the most out of your website and the internet in general is our mission. We hope you love this new feature; please feel free to send us thoughts and questions!