In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to view all your UserWay invoices.

Step 1: Choose the “Manage” Option

Click on the UserWay Widget and choose the “Manage” option.

Step 1: Choose the "Manage" option

If you haven’t signed in yet, type your email address and password. You can find your password and other information in your welcome email.

Log in to the widget

Step 2: Choose the “Billing History” Option

Under the “Account settings,” find the “Billing history” option and click on it in the widget.

Step 2: Choose the “Billing History” option

There you will find all your different invoices. If your auto-renew is active, you’ll get new invoices each month.

List of different invoices

Select the one you’d like to view. Click to view it. If you’d like to download this invoice, click download.

Select the invoice you want to review

View Your Invoices on the Dashboard

You can also view your billing history in your dashboard. Open a browser. Go to, and on the top right, click on “sign-in”.

Sign in to the dashboard

If it’s your first time signing in, add your email and password and click log in.

Log in to the widget

If you’re already familiar with the UserWay dashboard, visit In your dashboard, on the left menu, under “Account settings,” select “Billing history,” and it will display all your invoices.

Choose "Account settings" and "Biling History"

This will work the same way as in the widget – you can preview or download any selected invoice.

Manage your invoices