If you are looking for a way to seamlessly incorporate the UserWay app into your website, we have created customized branding and white labeling options just for you.

White labeling the UserWay widget means that you can remove the UserWay logo from your widget. Custom branding it, meaning adding your own logo, ensures the look and feel of your website is aligned with your brand while still providing critical accessibility features to your users.

White labeling includes the option to remove all of the links on the bottom of the UserWay Accessibility Widget (including the donate link). You can control each link individually.

The white label feature starts at just $10/month per site. Many agencies, marketing companies and accessibility companies white label the UserWay widget and resell it as their own. Resellers normally price an accessibility “package” for their customers in the range of $50-$200 per month, and UserWay is all your agency needs to get going.

The low price point offers extensive leg room for agencies to establish higher price points for a custom branded accessibility solution for their client base. If you’d like to white label more than 100 sites, you may quality for a bulk pricing discount.

Note: In choosing to white label or custom brand multiple sites, please use the same embed code (with the same account ID) across all sites. This allows for easy management of all your sites from a single place.

3 Easy Steps to White Label Your UserWay Accessibility Widget

To customize the branding and/or white label your widget, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click “Manage” to sign into your widget

Arrow pointing to "Manage" on the UserWay menu.

Step 2: Select “Remove UserWay branding”

Arrow pointing to "Remove UserWay Branding" on UserWay menu.

Step 3: Choose “Set Up Now” or test out the free trial

Arrow pointing to "Remove UserWay Branding" on menu.

That’s it!

If you don’t have the UserWay widget on your site yet go to UserWay.org/get. It takes one minute to set up!

If you have any questions about white labeling or custom branding the UserWay Accessibility Widget, just drop us a comment on our contact page.