Depending on the type of website you manage, you might find your users need access to certain features more than others. For example, if your site has more visually impaired users, they may want to have the Screen Reader or Convert to Accessible Fonts features to appear on the accessibility menu. Or you might find that your users really don’t need the Change Contrast feature and it is just taking up space on your menu. By toggling certain features on and off, you can customize the features that your site visitors can use.

Here’s a quick guide to setting up your customized widget menu.

For this example, we will be showing you how to remove the Read Page function on your widget menu.

Step 1: Open your widget and click on the Manage button at the bottom of the menu.

 UserWay Widget Menu with text that says "Read Page" and and arrow pointing to the "Manage" button.

Step 2: Click on the “Modify the main menu” option.

UserWay Settings menu with a red arrow pointing to text that reads "Modify the main menu."

Step 3: Click the toggle next to the feature you wish to turn off; in this example that’s the Read Page feature.

UserWay widget's Modify Main Menu page with a red arrow pointing to the Read Page option turned off.

Step 4: The feature will no longer appear on the widget menu. You can always add it back using the same steps.

UserWay Menu no longer showing the Read Page feature.

Please note that this is a paid subscription feature and starts at $10/month per site.

Not sure which UserWay widget features your site visitors employ the most? Access our newly-launched Real Time Usage Stats option to see data on the most popular features for your site.