The UserWay widget icon should always be visible to users on your site. When you set up the widget, you can select a location for the button, but you can also change it later on. We’ll show you how to do this.

Step 1: Open the UserWay Widget

Go to your website. Click on your widget button with the accessibility icon. If you have not changed the accessibility icon from the default, it will look like a circle with a simple graphic of a person in it.

Step 1: Open the UserWay Widget

In the widget, go to the bottom left and click on “Manage”.

Chooese the “Manage” option

Down on the bottom left, click on the Manage text link. On the screen that appears, expand “Widget settings”, and the “Change button location” option will be fourth from the top.

Choose the "Manage text link" and Change the button location

Right at the top of the widget, you will see 2 tabs: “Desktop” and “Mobile”. You can select different settings for each device.

Step 3: Set the Button Location for Desktop

First, select a location for the desktop. Look at the gray outline of the computer screen and notice the 8 circles.

You can click to choose among these 8 different positions for your accessibility icon and the widget, which will open there when clicked.

Step 3: Set the Button Location for Desktop

Choose the position and before you save your changes, we recommend that you preview them.

Preview the changes

Click on the preview button just under the computer silhouette, and see how the accessibility icon (and thus the widget) then change location in your browser window.

If none of these 8 locations feel right to you, you can enable exact positioning.

Look right under the computer screen silhouette. Just click the toggle to “ON” and choose the exact location.

Enable exact positioning option

You can move the widget left or right.

Widget position: Left and Right

It can go up to a max of 500px, and then higher or lower up to 500 px.

Range for positioning

To save your changes, click on “Apply to your site” to make the changes visible on this site only. If you want the changes visible across all your sites, click on “Apply to all sites”.

Step 4: Set the Button Location for Mobile

If you would like to set the button location for mobile, go back to the Mobile tab at the top of the widget. You’ll now see a gray silhouette of a mobile phone screen. Notice the 6 circles.

If none of these 6 positions feel right to you, enable exact positioning.

Change the Location of the Button on the Dashboard

If you prefer to change your button location by using your dashboard, you can open it directly by typing in a normal browser window, or, visit, and on the top right, click on “Sign in”.

Change the Location of the Button on the Dashboard

Use your email address and password to log in.

Log in on the widget dashboard

On the left, the expandable menu is exactly the same as the one in your widget. You should follow the same steps.

"Choose the button location" option

Select whether you would like to change the button location for desktop or mobile devices first.

If none of the locations marked with circles feels right to you, take a look under the computer or mobile screen silhouette and toggle to “nudge the button”.

Select the position of the widget

Keep in mind that we’re not typing in a specific pixel point on the screen. Rather, this number indicates the amount of pixels you would like the button to move left, right, higher, or lower.

Don’t forget to save your button location changes either to your single site or across all your multiple sites, if you have them.