UserWay is evergreen software. Our team is always making improvements, adding more features, and performing updates that are automatically rolled out to every UserWay widget. Read on for details about the major updates we worked on this month.

Customize the Widget

Accessibility Menu with the Stop Animations feature highlighted

We’ve received a lot of requests from site owners who want to choose which features appear and the order in which they appear on the widget. Since UserWay has an extensive feature list, it is crucial for users to find the features they need quickly. In addition, certain sites require specific features more than others. As a result, UserWay has launched a new option for site owners to customize and reorder the features on the accessibility menu.

To learn more about this option, simply sign into your widget and click “Modify the main menu”,  as shown below:

Screenshot showing how to modify the accessibility menu

Stop Site Animations (new feature)

The Stop Animations feature allows site visitors to pause any moving or automatically updating content that might act as an accessibility barrier. Animations and blinking or flashing content not only can be disruptive to a user’s experience, but it might also trigger seizures for some.

Tooltips Capability (new feature)

UserWay logo with Tooltips feature in use

If you have used the widget in the past few days, you might have noticed a new feature called ‘Tooltips.’ With this feature, users can hover their mouseover on screen elements to show alternative text and aria labels. Tooltips appear in high contrast and easy to read font.

Real-time Statistics

Users will be able to access this update later this week (the week of August 12th, 2019). With real-time statistics, site owners will be able to see current stats and get reports on which accessibility enhancements their audience uses the most.

UserWay Usage Stats