Thanks to each and every one of you for supporting our mission to make the internet accessible for all. We’re thrilled to say that UserWay just passed the 100,000 website mark, and 7 million daily widget loads — meaning UserWay’s widget is available to millions of people around the world and is by far the world’s leading accessibility solution. We thank the governments, municipalities, academic institutions, e-commerce sites, and more who continue trusting UserWay with their accessibility needs.

While this milestone is landmark for Userway, it says a whole lot more about all of the proactive members of the online community who understand the importance of adaptive technologies and their value to end users.

Join us as we strive for the next 100,000 and more!

About UserWay: UserWay allows website owners and developers to make their sites more accessible with minimal effort and maximum impact. Internet users need a wide range of tools and options to accommodate their unique needs, disabilities and impairments. From changing contrasts to highlighting links and allowing a page to be read back to the user, everyone should be able to access websites in a way that works while reinforcing each site’s unique look-and-feel and brand identity.

If you haven’t installed the widget yet, head to and get started. It only takes a few minutes to set up – but it makes a huge difference for your website visitors.